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This Jansen Upright Upholstered Bench is the highest quality padded top upright piano bench manufactured in the United States. Made of solid maple hardwood from the East Coast (known for its beautiful wood grain), the upholstered top is made of the highest-end, furniture grade vinyl (unlike many of the inexpensive imported benches, Jansen uses a thick vinyl, which will not quickly crack or rip. You'd be amazed at how easy these imports get a small tear in their thin vinyl). 

Supported with heavy duty brass hardware, this piano bench features a routed in music compartment--compared to most of the foreign imported benches, which only staple in their music compartments. By doing this, the wood bottom not only offers a sturdy surface for the heaviest music books, it also acts as structural reinforcement for the entire bench.  I believe it is worth every penny to get an American made product that uses the highest quality woods, finishes and craftsmanship.

Jansen Upholstered Bench for Upright Pianos


    14" x 29"
    Height: 19" or 20" (depending on the leg style chosen--see pictures)

    SETUP: Setup requires screwing on legs with a wrench.  It is not difficult, but the bench can be cumbersome.  If you live in Las Vegas, I can setup and personally deliver the bench to you for $75 - or for free if I deliver it during your regularly scheduled tuning appointment.  You'll see this option in the shipping section.