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Rates and Services

Return Clients (within 5 years): $180

New Clients: $240

A basic tuning service appointment includes a fine-tuning, a pitch raise if necessary and any minor repairs or adjustments that are necessary.  A Basic Service appointment usually takes about 1-2 hours, depending on when your piano was last tuned.  The recommended tuning interval for pianos in homes is 1-2 times a year.  For more information on tuning, click here.

Deep Cleaning
Add-on $60

It's amazing just how much dust, grime, pet hair and other treasures find their way into your piano!  Dust also attracts moisture which can damage the inside workings and strings on your piano.


A deep cleaning involves cleaning the dust out of thousands of action parts inside the piano, dusting the soundboard and under the strings and cleaning underneath the keys.



Piano Evaluation $75

Don't buy a lemon, and don't give your antique piano away for pennies!  A piano evaluation lets you know exactly what's going on with the piano inside and what it's worth in our Las Vegas market.  I go through a huge checklist, and grade each part, telling you what condition it is in, and what it will cost to restore or repair it.  Pianos aren't easy to return or even move to the dump - get it checked out first! 


Most repairs take only a few minutes to fix.  I consider these to be minor and are included with the Basic Tuning Service Call.  Please see the lists below to see what type of repairs are major or minor.


For other common problems I see, the average cost is usually under $40.  Occasionally there will be extensive repairs needed, but if this is the case, I will always give you an estimate and give you options before I begin any work.


Minor Repairs

Single Key Adjustment

Removing Foreign Objects

Sticky Keys (usually minor)

Squeaky Pedals (usually minor)

Major Repairs

Broken String

Broken Hammer

Keytop coming loose

Key doesn't play


"I have a great upright piano that I have taken it with me as I have moved over the past few years and never had it tuned, nor has it been played regularly in years. I could tell it was way out of tune and thought it was time to get it checked out. It was extremely easy to book an appointment with Kelly and I pretty much got an exact time she would be arriving to work on my piano. My piano ended up having a lot of cleaning needs and was extremely difficult to tune as it had been out of tune of so long that once she got it in tune it would immediately pull right back out of tune. Kelly stayed and worked on my piano until she was able to get it to hold in tune. I would love to take piano lessons from Kelly if I could ever find the time in my schedule she is very friendly and is an amazing piano player. Once she finished tuning the piano she played it for a bit and I was in awe!"


Kaylah P. - Las Vegas, NV

July 2015

"I recently had my Yamaha baby grand piano cleaned and tuned by Kelly, and it sounds wonderful. She did a terrific job. I hadn't had any work done on the instrument for several years, and it required a pitch adjustment. Kelly explained everything clearly and was helpful in answering all my questions. It was fun to learn more about the inner workings. You can tell Kelly is a teacher. 

Thanks again Dugger Music Services!"


Misha E. - Las Vegas, NV

March 2014

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