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Humidity Control for Pianos In Las Vegas


The piano is made up of a few very basic materials - wood, wool felt, and metal.  Just like your door jams in the summer, the wood in your piano is constantly flexing, swelling and shrinking.  This can lead to disastrous results for your piano.  Not only will your piano go in and out of tune whenever the weather changes, but the wood can crack, leading to a cracked soundboard, or worse, a cracked pinblock.  These cracks can render your piano totally worthless - unable to be tuned, or worse, you won't even be able to sell it!


Piano manufacturers recommend a humidity level of 42%.


Average Low Humidity for Las Vegas:  20.3%    

Lowest recorded humidity in Las Vegas:  1%   Recorded in 2011 (It doesn't get any lower than that!)

Average High Humidity for Las Vegas: 39.6%    


Our climate is much too dry for pianos to remain healthy.  What's worse is our monsoon season - the humidity jumps very high, and then suddenly drops down to about 20% the next day.  This wreaks havoc on pianos.  


However, there is a solution.  A humidity system specially made for pianos will keep your piano at the recommended 42% humidity year-round.  It has a humidifier function and a dehumidifier function.  I fully recommend installing a Piano Life Saver System.  It really will save your piano.  I certainly have installed one on every piano I've ever owned since I've lived in Las Vegas!


If you have just moved your piano to Las Vegas from a humid climate, I recommend installing a Life Saver System as soon as possible to reduce any damage to your piano.  Do you really need one?  YES.  If your piano was used to a humid climate, it will literally start falling apart here.  I've seen the case seams separate, action parts separate - it's tragic.  Please email me or click the green button to schedule an appointment.


For more information, visit



See the video below for more information as well.  

Please forgive the video quality - however, the explanation of how humidity affects the piano is superb.  

If you'd like more information, please contact me.  I can purchase and install the system for you in just a few hours.  The price for a grand piano is $800 and for an upright piano $650.  This includes the system and installation.  You can schedule an installation by clicking the link below.

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