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Thank You For Your Business, and 

Thank You for Reviewing my Services!


If you have a gmail account, please consider giving me a Google Review.  (Click on the little pencil under my picture.)


If you don't have a gmail account, or if you would like to copy and paste your google review into multiple sites, please use the links below.   

Helpful Hints for Writing a Review


  1. Price - Do you feel like you paid a fair price for the service you received?

  2. Quality - Did the service meet your expectations?

  3. Responsiveness - Did I respond to your phone calls, questions and comments in a timely manner?

  4. Punctuality - Did I arrive on time for our appointment? Were you "left hanging" or did I call to keep you informed if I was behind schedule?

  5. Professionalism - Was I courteous and polite? Did I make your experience a good one?

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A Few Things That Make For A Solid Review:


  1. Tell your story - Nothing says more about your experience than a good story.

  2. Would you use my services again? - Telling your friends that you would use me again says a lot about your experience.

  3. Be honest - Honest reviews are powerful. However, I value my reputation and have worked hard to ensure that my clients trust me and are happy with my services. If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me first.  I stand behind my work with a satisfaction guanteed promise.  I am committed to addressing any concerns you may have.

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